Creative Engineer

Zara Leventhal is a well-versed designer with experience in branding, digital strategy, and creative ideation. She grew up in New York City and is proud of her New Yorker work ethic and go-getter attitude. Zara likes to work in fast-paced environments that appreciate rapid iterations and innovation.

Zara is currently finishing a custom degree that she calls Tangible Design, which emphasizes graphic design, interior design, fashion, and product design. The Adobe Creative Suite is second-nature to her, and she prides herself on being a “photoshop queen.” Zara also has other technical skills including illustration, video editing, industrial sewing, flat pattern design, and embroidery.

She has a minor in Interactive Digital Media which focuses on user interface and user experience design as well as front-end web and app development. She is adept at HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with some knowledge in PHP and Python.

Zara will graduate in September 2018 with a Bachelors of Science in Design Arts from Drexel University.

She has created work for clients in New York City, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, and is willing to relocate to pursue a career in design!