Chinese Calligraphy Magazine

Publication Design

Final project for Experimental Publication Design. Magazine dedicated to the Chinese art of calligraphy.

The magazine is a fourteen-page accordion and includes two poster inserts. It is held together with a vellum sleeve. Each page is 6" x 9", and the expanded spread is 48" x 9".

The accordion design of the magazine is meant to be a modern interpretation of a scroll, which is a traditional format for Chinese paintings and calligraphy.

One side is dedicated to exploring the many types of Chinese digital typefaces, while the other shows the development of the characters over the course of three thousand years! The final page is bound together with sheets of vellum showing the transition of the character 马 mă (horse) over time.

The two poster inserts include a font feature of "PingFang SC" and the Chinese character for "calligraphy brush".

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